Coaching Services

Corporate & Individual Development

Corporate & Individual Development

Corporate & Individual Development


If you don't polish the stone, you never know you have a just looks like a lump of rock.

We use our unique system of highly individualized coaching, based on science and behavioral health training, PDP assessments and action mapping to show companies, academic institutions and individuals how to unlock their potential. 

We specialize in showing companies the value of hiring transitioning service members and veterans through these assessments so they can integrate these employees (and all their employees) most effectively for long-term individual and company success.

Public Speaking

Corporate & Individual Development

Corporate & Individual Development


William and Carrie Ann are available to speak on post-traumatic growth and evidenced based strategies for wellness and resiliency, with a special focus on military and veterans issues.

We are available for keynote addresses, speaking at conferences, meetings and other events, being panel participants and other speaking engagements.

We will give preference to:
Conferences, symposium, seminars and other events looking for presentations on veterans, military and transition issues.

Companies and non-profit organizations with veteran employees or who would like to become a veteran-friendly employer.

Universities and educational institutions, associations for behavioral health professionals, state National Guards and VSOs

Seminars & Retreats

Corporate & Individual Development

Seminars & Retreats


We partner with organizations to create seminars, workshops, retreats and other live events to train corporate employers, mental health professionals, academics and other civilians on best practices for working with military, veteran and guard and their families.

We develop and facilitate retreats that focus on evidence-based practices for post traumatic growth. We focus on positive, strength-based strategies creating safe, long-term alternatives to prescription drugs.
Focus areas:
· Establishing Mission, Identity & Purpose

· Establishing gratitude practices – sacrifice the negative to bolster the good

· Post Traumatic Transformation Seminar - Growth through trauma

· Personal empowerment

· Finding and practicing rituals to create transformation

· Sharing stories fosters community & growth

· Military Culture 101 – The warrior mindset and leadership skills taught by the military / How to use military culture and systems to aid in transition and wellness

· Yoga Nidra

Mindful Meditation 

Consulting Services

We pride ourselves on our ability develop and implement individualized strategic plans for local, state or federal government agencies and entities, companies, universities and nonprofit organizations. We craft strategies that fit within your existing structures, to create innovative, collaborative, inter-agency programs.

We spend time listening, asking questions and drilling down deep to build comprehensive plans and solutions for policies, legislation and budget tailored to your needs.

While our particular expertise is on building strategies and systems that involve support for veterans, with a particular focus on integrating transitioning service members and veterans successfully into careers and communities, harnessing their leadership abilities, we are always excited to partner with clients on other areas of health, wellness, resiliency education, corporate development, and post traumatic growth in all individuals. We have worked with universities, cutting edge tech firms, state agencies and private businesses. We seek out projects that involve public-private partnerships to create ecosystems that grow capabilities for long-term success in communities and states.

We are a bipartisan business with deep connections to both Democrats & Republicans. We also harness our network of bipartisan federal contacts to build or assist on federal and/or national strategies and campaigns.    


Behavioral Health Corps


Our long-term goal is to partner with Congress to further the goal of creating lasting, systemic changes within DOD training systems to improve resiliency, leadership and overall mental wellness in our active duty service members, including a Behavioral Health Corps.

How We Work

Initial Consultations

Initial Consultations

Initial Consultations


For each potential client, we will conduct an initial consultation to ensure our missions align and we are the force multiplier you are looking for.

We will present a full proposal, including fees, in writing before we begin. If you decide to move forward, your consultation fee will be credited to your fees for services.

Fees for Services

Initial Consultations

Initial Consultations


For public speaking engagements, fees will be based on the time commitment and distance involved.

For short- and long-term consulting clients we will base fees on our initial consultation and what your needs are.      Each opportunity is unique.